Patient Centered Medical Homes Patient Survey Results


As part of our Medical Home initiative we have asked our patients and families to complete patient satisfaction surveys based on access, communication, coordination of care and support. We offered this survey in 2012 and again in 2013 to identify areas that we could strive for improvement. We are very pleased to report that we are able to site improvement in the majority of areas that we surveyed.

The survey questions asked the following and results indicate the percentage of patients/family that agreed:

Survey Questions Results in 2012
Results in 2013
Results in 2014
1. My child usually sees the same doctor for his/her appointment? 55.95% 72.98% 77.87%
2. I am able to schedule an appointment for my child on the day I want it? 80.09% 87.68% 83.85%
3. If my child is sick, I can get an appointment the same day for care? 86.33% 88.15% 82.56%
4. I can get through to the practice when I call? 93.21% 94.31% 94.27%
5. If I leave a message during office hours, I get a return call, same day? 83.31% 85.75% 83.07%
6. I know how to get care for my child during evenings or on weekends? 89.77% 88.15% 91.15%
7. Overall I feel my child can get care when he/she needs it? 95.19% 95.58% 94.53%
8. Our doctor spends enough time with us at my child's appointment? 94.58% 98.58% 96.09%
9. Our questions are answered in a way we can understand? 95.98% 98.58% 97.13%
10. Our doctors listen carefully to us. 94.21% 98.57% 96.09%
11. We feel comfortable asking questions during our appointment? 96.24% 98.10% 96.62%
12. We have a say in decisions about our child's health care? 93.65% 96.21% 95.83%
13 The practice helps us make appointment for tests or specialists? 81.06% 83.33% 77.61%
14. The practice informs us about the results of blood tests or X-Rays 77.81% 75.83% 75.52%
15. My child's doctor or a nurse reviews my child's current medications at each visit? 85.61% 89.57%


16. When we come for a visit, the doctor has my child's test results in the chart.     73.70%
17. The practice reminds us when my child needs follow-up or well care appointments.    


18 Overall, I am satisfied with the care my child receives at the practice.     95.33%

It is important to us that you share your comments and suggestions through the comment cards available in our waiting area in an effort for us to continue providing the highest quality of care to you and your child(ren).

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