Practice Manager: Colleen Bethel
518-798-9985 ext 233

Clinical Manager: Stephanie Messercola RPA-C

Nurse Manager:  Heather Goodsell, RN  518-798-9985 ext 244

Billing Manager: Marcia Cottrell
518-798-9985 ext 235

Glens Falls Reception Coordinator:
Carol Taylor

518-798-9985 ext 223

Saratoga Reception Coordinator:

Tiffany Valentin
518-587-3823 ext 325

Referrals for both Glens Falls & Saratoga Offices 
Lynn Odell  518-798-9985 ext 224

Phone Nurse - We have a phone nurse available if you need to speak to a nurse with questions regarding the care/well being of your child.  She can provide healthcare information for your child to help you decide if your child needs to be seen by one of our providers.

Glens Falls Phone Nurse:
518-798-9985 ext 227

Saratoga Phone Nurse:
518-587-3823 ext 332

Resource Desk - The resource nurse's primary function is to work as a liaison between parents and providers on a given day.  She monitors and tracks diagnostic testing and meets with of the pediatricians on a daily basis to review clinical matters.

Glens Falls:
518-798-9985 ext 238

518-587-3823 ext 323

You are welcome to email any of our staff members but please note that this is not an encrypted email.