Pediatric Hospital Care at Glens Falls Hospital


Over forty years ago Glens Falls Pediatric Consultants was established by Guy Lehine, MD; since that time our practice has grown abundantly.  With a growing practice and changes in healthcare come additional responsibilities and challenges that have made it difficult to balance the needs of our patients in both our office and the hospital setting.  To provide the quality care you expect, we are forced to evolve with these changes and will begin a transition in our pediatric on call services at Glens Falls Hospital.

If you are expecting a baby, you can deliver at Glens Falls Hospital and will be cared for by a pediatric hospitalist while inpatient.   Following discharge, 1-3 days later we will see your child in our office.  The same will be true if your child is admitted to the pediatric floor.

 It is becoming a standard in the national healthcare system that our hospitals are staffing with pediatric hospitalists.  Please understand these pediatric hospitalists will provide quality care to your newborn and young patients during their hospital stay.  During a hospital visit our pediatricians will be available to consult with the pediatric hospitalists to ensure quality care for our patients.  Upon discharge from the hospital, our healthcare providers will see your child in our office. 


We have been in the community for over 40 years providing quality health care to our pediatric patients.  Our plan is to continue to see patients in our office and coordinate quality care with the pediatric hospitalist at Glens Falls Hospital should your child need to be admitted. 

Pediatricians at Glens Falls Pediatric Associates and Pediatric Associates of Saratoga


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